No cash means minimal social impact.

It's only a hobby. 

As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner, I know that to have a bright long-term future, you need a series of survivable short-term futures. Selling things does not mean we are in business; making money selling things means we have the tool to create a better world for our kids!

There are many reasons for starting a business ... I’d love to hear all about yours!

I started my own entrepreneurial journey for my son—he is my biggest WHY! I want him to grow up knowing anything is possible and that traditional employment -- the 9 to 5 life in cubicle nation -- is not his only option.

I help established entrepreneurs who want to make $1M and more in revenue grow profitable businesses while staying focused on doing what they love--not accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning or creating financial processes, procedures and policies.


Having spent my professional career in senior positions inside

medium-to-large, publicly-traded companies, I know EXACTLY how critical cashflow is to the success of any business.

Now, I’m putting my valuable financial skills, experience and expertise to work helping entrepreneurs just like you analyze and improve cashflow and profitability and translate their vision and long-term strategy into sustainable businesses with bright futures.

I’d love to help you succeed financially by sharing what I’ve learned over 20 years as an auditor, consultant and member of a senior executive management team as you build your business online. I am on a mission to help you increase clarity and confidence with your business finances and share my passion for numbers and the stories they tell!

Wouldn’t you love to pay yourself more and experience the freedom lifestyle you dream of and are working so hard for? If so, let’s chat about the many possibilities that may be hiding in your business ...

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