Special Podcast Series:

Finance Success and Business Growth by Design

Are you a mission-driven business that is looking to drive business growth,

your profits, AND your social impact?

We live in a much different world today.


What got you to where you are now isn’t going to get you to where you want to be.


Strategy alone won’t get you there. It’s the RIGHT planning and the RIGHT process that’s specific to the needs of your business.

This podcast series will show you how, including:



Five Common Business

Finance Misconceptions

that’ll stop you from growing

a profitable social impact business so you can ensure these don’t become an issue for you



Financial Tools and Processes

you’ll want to have in place so you can use your financial and business growth to leave a better footprint on this earth




Big Business Principles to drive your business financial success and achieve your purpose


Who is Christina Sjahli?

Plus other resources to create steady, sustainable business finance growth and profits.

Christina is an On-Demand Chief Financial Officer for mission-driven women entrepreneurs who take action to create more social impacts. 


Her journey began years ago when she worked as a finance leader for a multi 9-figure corporation whose main goal was to make as much profit as they could for their shareholders. And she supported them by translating the company’s vision into a solid financial growth plan.


She couldn’t continue to be part of the problem of capitalism, so she left and brought her unique experiences and skillsets to partner with mission-driven women entrepreneurs to create steady, sustainable business finance growth and profits - not just for the benefit of shareholders, but for the benefit of ALL stakeholders, so they can amplify their social impact.

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Plus other resources to create steady, sustainable business finance growth and profits.


CS Consulting supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

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