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Profit Reimagined™:

Purpose, Trust, & Profit For Female Founders


Christina helped our company with strategic planning for the future. Her attention to detail and in-depth knowledge combined with her compassion and care is a rare combination that we fully appreciated. Christina goes beyond numbers and takes into consideration the whole picture, including the stakeholders involved, to provide the best outcome for the company.

Christina had such kind and compassionate care and a great sense of humour - a refreshingly rare find in a competent CPA!

Maureen O'Sullivan


Graphics Arts Media

Christina has the knowledge, skills and ability to guide your business to financial success. Her style is both direct, yet compassionate, and she deeply cares about each of her clients.

Terri Maxwell

CEO & Founder


Christina’s expertise and CFO perspective are invaluable resources to entrepreneurs. Her genuine interest and empathy, combined with her deep financial knowledge and toolkit, empower female founders to scale their business to the next level. Christina’s enthusiasm and charisma make the process both productive and enjoyable.

Christine Chang,


Avire Finance USA

Christina’s natural curiosity and warmth made me feel welcome and her insightful questions show her the depth and breadth of her financial knowledge.

As a CFO working with founders Christina is on a mission to provide education as well as guidance to her clients. A rare and winning combination!

Racher Hersh

Sales Director

North America Prestige Capital

Christina brings her passion and financial expertise to uplift female founders so they can create meaningful change in their business and create the impact they want in this world. If you seek help, actionable, experience-based knowledge, then pay attention to her. Her uncanny ability to find the problem and provide direction to female founders is available to all.

Tara Spalding

Managing Director


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