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Women of Impact in Business — Highlights from 200 Episodes of Her CEO Journey

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

All around the world, young girls, aspiring female entrepreneurs, and women of impact in business, including you, are on their CEO Journey. Each of you has a dream or goal to change the world that you can achieve through business. This path will be difficult, but you can pave your way toward your goal. You can be a woman in business, financially successful and a leading force for change in the world.

women of impact

The stories of struggle, innovation, and success of hundreds of women of impact in business are an inspiration to all. Her CEO Journey celebrates 200 episodes of sharing these stories and giving hope of creating a better world. Over the years, we've tackled financial challenges, business struggles women face and how they've overcome them. Together with you, our audience, and the extraordinary guests on the podcast, we've learned how to grow a business, make financial decisions and can create a bigger impact together.

Join us and celebrate our 200th episode by listening back to the highlights of our best episodes!

Celebrating 200 Episodes of Her CEO Journey

In this special episode of the Her CEO Journey Podcast, we celebrate the milestone of reaching 200 episodes! Christina is grateful for the support of the audience and the amazing women of impact that have joined the show over the last four years. Their stories

“...give us hope of all the possibilities to create a better world. A better world that cares for people and the planet, especially. A world where we can create more opportunities for women and girls."

As each person goes on their CEO journey, you'll find that there are many different paths to success. You'll pave your way through your actions, decisions, luck and hard work. The impact you can create as a woman in business is up to you. Looking back at the highlights of the stories of these impactful women on Her CEO Journey will help guide you on your own path.

Women of Impact: Slow Growth and Big Impact with Kresse Wesling

Kresse Wesling, the co-founder of Elvis & Kresse, joined Christina on a previous episode of Her CEO Journey. In this episode, you’ll learn about their business’ commitment to their mission and values. She shares their focus on slow growth rather than growing quickly at the expense of the planet and its people.

Kresse wanted to change the world and save the planet, and that's exactly what she plans to do as a businesswoman. She chose to reject the constant change of seasonal collection that fuels overconsumption and waste. Instead, their brand transforms reclaimed materials into luxury lifestyle accessories and donates 50% of their profits to charity. Elvis & Kresse became a luxury brand and environmental pioneer.

“I think if your growth is powered by destruction, then you're not a business. You're a villain in a Star Wars movie. And we don't need to have those in real life,” said Kresse in the episode.

Their business endeavours to never sacrifice their values and principles nor compromise their mission and their team. Their growth is slow, but their impact is large.

As Kresse declared, “I don't want to move fast and break things. I want to move slow and build things.”

Their environmental products may be expensive. However, they are priced accordingly to the labour put into production. They want to show that women of impact and all businesses can make money not at the expense of the environment or the people.

Women of Impact: Empowering Indigenous Communities Through Tradition and Business

In December 2022, Christina welcomed Fatima Alvarez, the Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Someone Somewhere. She talks about the impactful business model they use, which empowers the lives of women artisans in Mexico. Their business empowers Mexican indigenous communities to take control of their income and overcome their problems.

Artisan women learned their craft from previous generations. However, they struggled with commercializing their product and making an income. Someone Somewhere helps connect these artisan products to the people who value them the most.

Fatima shares that “We design this model in which what artisans do is what makes more sense for them- what they love the most, what they want to still teach to their children and their grandchildren.”

Many people thought success lies in leaving their communities. However, Someone Somewhere sought to show that success can come from staying together and reproducing their traditions.

Each of their model’s four main stages involves workshops and measures of success for these interventions. They help women artisans grow their skills in production, business, community, and leadership. For them, these artisans aren’t employees but cooperatives. They benefit by making friends, becoming more active in their communities and being recognized as an organization of artisans.

As Fatima shares, their secret sauce is

“...trying to partner with people that are aligned with our purpose and our values and that are willing to take the risks that we are taking.”

Women of Impact: Connect Businesses All Around the World to Make Impact Together

Christina was able to have the opportunity to talk with Masami Sato, the founder of the B1G1. Now a global movement, they sought to make a way for every business to be able to make a difference. Profit Reimagined, a sponsor of Her CEO Journey, is a part of this movement. Masami's journey started when she wanted to create a company that provided food and united people all around the world.

“The thing is, we wanted to be one-to-one to be the global initiative to be able to work with any businesses anywhere around the world,” she said.

B1G1 is a business that focuses on adding value to businesses.

Masami shares that “...our entire focus was to add value to businesses because if businesses wanted to make a difference but don't know how to do it, there is a value there if we could make it very easy.”

They found value in helping businesses communicate their mission and purpose and see the growth of the impact they are creating.

Masami's company used a membership model to make sure that 100% of what businesses give will be used effectively to make an impact. Different companies are able to join, and their membership fees will be used to grow the movement and keep it running. They ensure that 100% goes to their designated projects from day 1.

Four Years Of Her CEO Journey

It has been an exciting four years for the Her CEO Journey Podcast and its sponsor, Profit Reimagined. The podcast will be back after the summer holiday. Until then, continue being limitless.

Learn More About the Episode Highlight Guests

Kresse Wesling is the Co-Founder of Elvis & Kresse, a luxury brand that focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion. She is a multi-award-winning environment entrepreneur who wants to save the world through her business. With her team at Elvis & Kresse, they turn industrial waste into luxury lifestyle products and give back with their profits. Visit the Elvis & Kresse website or her LinkedIn to learn more about her and her sustainable business.

Fatima Alvarez is the Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Someone Somewhere. She's a social and cultural entrepreneur who is passionate about Mexico and its people. At Someone Somewhere, Fatima works to create an economic, social, and cultural impact for different rural artisan communities. Learn more about Fatima and her work on her LinkedIn or visit their website.

Masami Sato is the Founder of CEO of B1G1 (BUY1GIVE1), a global initiative. She is also a speaker and a best-selling author of four books. With the B1G1 giving movement, she has helped bring together thousands of businesses to create an impact. You can connect with Masami through the B1G1 website or check out her website and profile.

There are women of impact all across the world. These three are our highlights, but as Michelle Obama said, there is no limit to what women can accomplish.

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