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Go Carbon Negative: Tradewater's Environmental Solution

In the face of rising greenhouse gas emissions, climate change has become a real problem for the world. Fortunately, many businesses see how risk to the planet means risk to their business and humanity. They can see their impact on the environment and actively choose to make it a positive one.

Each business has its climate impact. Tradewater's Market Development Manager, Jenny Morgan, works to provide an immediate and permanent environmental solution to climate change with the help of people worldwide. We invited her to talk about Tradewater and how they reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. She shares how any business, big and small, can make a difference and help reduce the world's giant carbon footprint.

Jenny's Journey for Impact and Sustainability

The beginning of 2020 was a difficult time for Jenny. She just had her second child and faced the threat of wildfires and thick smoke on top of the pandemic. Jenny and her family struggled to sustain their previous peaceful life. They felt they couldn't even wake up and take a walk outside to breathe.

Jenny was empowered to grow her impact and sustainability. She resonated with Tradewater and its immediate, permanent, and long-term environmental solutions and took the opportunity to join them.

Tradewater’s Environmental Solution

Right now, the planet faces a climate crisis. Greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere threaten the Earth with global warming. Tradewater's environmental solution targets non-CO2 greenhouse gases, specifically refrigerants and halons. They destroy them and render them harmless. They work with companies to find, collect and aggregate the gases and break them down through high-temperature combustion.

There are 9 billion tons of gas all around the world. Since starting in 2016, Tradewater has destroyed 6 million metric tons of greenhouse gases. Now, they're on track to destroy 3.7 million tons this year. In the following years, Tradewater wants to remove more greenhouse gases and increase its environmental impact as soon as possible.

As Jenny said, "That's why it's really important to educate individuals and organizations about this issue. Because it can have an incredible impact on the way we experience the next 100 years. So it's on us to be able to educate the consumer or the organization on how impactful this type of project can be on climate change."

How Any Business Can Make an Impact

Offsetting Your Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions can come from how a business powers its equipment, ships its products,s and more. Fortunately, there is an environmental solution for a business to offset these emissions. A company can partner with them and purchase credits to offset their carbon emissions. This way, they can achieve carbon neutrality or even go above and beyond and destroy more gases than they create.

The Pros of Carbon Financing

Carbon financing is a way to measure environmental impact. One of its advantages is its accessibility to any business and individual. Jenny shares that with this, "you're able to basically log into a verified database of projects that are impacting the environment in a positive way and support them financially." Another pro is that any project that goes into the registry undergoes thorough scrutiny to ensure its positive impact.

The Cons of Carbon Financing

Unfortunately, some organizations use carbon financing but don't invest in reducing their emissions. In short, they're jumping on the trend of going green without trying to contribute to an environmental solution. That can be frustrating because, as Jenny emphasizes, "this isn't a trend. This is a climate emergency. It frustrates me because it can make the entire market scrutinized. And there's a lot of us, like trade water, that are doing a really good thing out there in the world."

Businesses Going Beyond

Businesses can find out how they can reduce their emissions. Check for ways to perform more efficiently and lessen any negative impact on the planet. At the same time, move to support climate-related and environmental solutions.

Climate Change, a Financial Risk for Businesses

Some organizations and leaders understand that climate risk is a financial and stability risk on top of being an environmental problem. The most impactful and successful businesses commonly know that they should address their risks.

Who Can Make an Impact?

All types of individuals and companies contribute to Tradewater's projects. Everyone can take part in their environmental solution. Jenny shares that every dollar counts. "If someone wanted to give us $1 For a climate project we're working on, that is $1 that goes towards something good." People and businesses can calculate their total emissions and use Tradewater's resources and carbon calculator to understand how to reduce their negative impact.

B Corp Climate Impact Group

The month of March is the B Corp Movement Month. Different B Corp-certified businesses come together to share what they're passionate about. A total of 40 companies for climate impact, including Tradewater, aim to write resources to help individuals and businesses make a difference and create environmental solutions themselves. According to Jenny, they aim to show that "you're not alone, and there are others that want to do it. And when you partner up, you can really make a difference."

Jenny aims to reach 1000 tons of greenhouse gas destruction with the collective. She thinks that "would show just how we can come together and really change, change things together as a group." Anyone can join in and do it. Businesses, vendors, customers, and suppliers can have a positive environmental impact.

What's Stopping Businesses From Saving the Planet?

Many business owners don't see how climate change can impact them and their businesses. However, it's a human and economic problem that everyone should do something about.

If every business gives just a few dollars, we can quickly destroy the billion tons of greenhouse gases. If everyone becomes aware and takes steps to reduce their emission, it can already create a huge impact.

Learn More About Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan is a Market Development Manager at Tradewater. Her passion for sustainability and environmental impact helps her partner with organizations to reduce their carbon emissions. She believes that businesses can not only be both profitable and purposeful. Jenny also had 15+ years of experience in Business Operations, Market Development, Events, and Community Engagement.

You can connect with Jenny through LinkedIn or email her at

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