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Profit Reimagined™ Inc. is now a Certified B Corporation™!

We want to build a world where every female founder has the financial literacy to grow their own business. We believe in a world where profit shouldn’t hurt the planet, the communities, the employees or any other stakeholder. Profit Reimagined™ Inc. was founded from four strong beliefs:

  1. Purpose is the heart of everything.

  2. Finance is a connector between purpose and business decisions.

  3. Meaningful profit is what actually matters.

  4. The world needs more successful female founders.

According to the 2019 “Women, Money and Power” study women report a steady decline in financial confidence despite rising influence. 35% of female business founders still face gender bias when raising their business capital. To address gender equality and reduce inequalities we need more women in leadership roles and we need to give these women the tools, support and help to make financial decisions. B Corps are 1.1 times more likely to have majority female management.

“For us, becoming a certified B Corporation means we are challenged every day to think about how we can make the life people and communities better while making a profit that can be put back into the people and planet. We are challenged to figure out how this business can empower women to be financially literate and be an independent income generation for the family. We are challenged to create equality and ensure more female founders can build sustainable and profitable business, while ensuring purpose is the heart of everything we do” - Christina Sjahli, founder

The Female Founder Behind This Dream

Christina Sjahli, founder of Profit Reimagined ™ Inc, worked for two decades-plus in the corporate world as a leader in finance. She had seen how a company paid families in the developing country to sell the burial land where their ancestors rested in peace, only because there was an asset underneath the land that could “possibly” bring in more profit for the company.

Many corporations forget making a profit shouldn’t be at the expense of the people and the planet. Profit at all costs is damaging for many, profit with purpose can benefit many. You can direct cash and profit to do great things for the world.

As a minority and immigrant woman, she understands the struggle to care for family, career and ability to financially support her family. She dreamed of an organization that supports women and does not struggle to choose between family, career, and financial support. She came across female founders who have strong desires to create businesses as a force for good, yet, they struggle to balance between amplifying their impact and making meaningful profits.

All of these desires led her to search for something more. More in providing decent work, taking down barriers and pursuing economic growth for women. Because all of these will lead to no poverty and zero hunger in the world.

In March 2019, she came across the B Corp movement and realized Profit Reimagined™ Inc needed to be part of this global community. To ensure the world we leave behind is better than the one we received.

Profit Reimagined™ Inc. is proud to announce that it is now a Certified B Corporation!

B CorpTM Certification means that we are now part of a global effort to ensure that we do everything we can to ensure that our social and environmental impact is a positive one. This is not an award - it’s the beginning of a journey towards continuous improvement and collective action. That’s the reason why B Corps recertify every three years. Our commitment to improvement doesn’t stop here. We will constantly be improving and ensuring that we meet the standards of B Corp™ Certification.

As a B CorpTM offering fractional CFO services to female founders, we've joined a global community that aims for inclusivity, equitability, and sustainability.

About Profit Reimagined™ Inc.

Profit Reimagined™Inc is a company specializing in fractional CFO services. Every fractional CFO performs the same tasks, so how do we go above and beyond?

We are partnering with female founders to make their purpose more profitable, build financial results they can understand, and find meaningful ways to finance future growth. By offering fractional CFO services, we are able to amplify our client's social impact while ensuring their business is growing in a sustainable way. We become the company's experienced fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who shares their values and understands the importance of staying true to their company’s mission.

We understand that you're a business on a mission. You have impact goals above just profit — although you recognize that you need profit to thrive, grow, and sustain your initiatives. Therefore, when we create financial strategies with you, we optimize them to consider profitability and mission alike.

About B Corp™

B corp certifications are for-profit companies dedicated to using business as a force for good and meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to all of their stakeholders. There are over 5,000 Certified B Corporations in over 70 countries across 150 industries making actionable, verifiable, and practical efforts to redefine success in business as more than just profit.


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